We all admit that there are sometimes people who are good employees and decent people who for whatever reason, struggle to perform an important management role within your organisation. You don’t want to lose them, but something is not clicking for them. There is the tendency to take someone like this and put them on a special project. In the past I have seen these people being offered a role in international business development including Asia.

I have had firsthand experience with this. How a company can say, “Well, this person didn’t work out in Australia, maybe they’ll find their way in Asia.” If they cannot make things work in Australia, what makes anyone think they’ll make things work in Asia?

You need your best people in Asia because you need people who are smart, intelligent, flexible and most importantly adaptable. You need people who can think on their feet. They need to be good and experienced business people.

This is not a time for experimentation. Somebody who cannot find their way in your home country will not find their way in the Asian business world. You need somebody who is capable of tweaking strategies. There are so many moving parts, challenges and unexpected events going on. You have to expect the unexpected in every business day in Asia.

This is why you need your best people representing you in Asia. It is too challenging for anything less.