About Campbell MacKintosh

Campbell likes to say he did the “hard yards” through both living and working in Asia for over 20 years. This has given him a unique perspective about entering the Asian marketplace. As the Principal of Focalise Consulting Pty Ltd, Campbell is now assisting and leading other companies to success in the Asian region.

His recent book The Asian Opportunity: Straight Talk From A CEO Who Has Lived, Breathed, Experienced And Created Highly Profitable Business Opportunities In The Asian Markets has created a paradigm change in how CEOs and top-level executives have looked at doing business in Asia by tackling 10 of the most common myths westerners hold.

Campbell takes CEOs into the real Asian marketplace, sharing case studies from his years as a senior business executive for medium and large sized Australian companies. He can steer decision makers away from mistakes and into success based on his first-hand knowledge.

Partnerships are the cornerstone of the Asian business community and Campbell is not only an expert in each country’s customs and culture, he has developed the exclusive Partner Discovery Process, a meticulously crafted method for determining who will help grow your business and who may work against it.

With Asian opportunities becoming more apparent to western companies and on the heels of his new book, Campbell has been in great demand lately, giving presentations and consulting with organisations around the globe.

Campbell has specific first hand experience doing business in China, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Macau. 

Campbell MacKintosh


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