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Discover How To Leverage Your Business To Exploit
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Campbell MacKintosh, Founder and CEO of Focalise Consulting Pty Ltd, is considered one of Australia’s top experts in assisting small and medium-sized companies to break into the Asian marketplace. With over 20 years of leading companies and clients to success, his track record is unprecedented.

Campbell has led his clients from concept to completion in exploiting the opportunities in Asia. He is not an academic with an MBA full of complex theory. He has lived and worked in Asia experiencing the day-to-day challenges of doing business in Asia succeeding in face of adversity and complexity.

In his book The Asian Opportunity: Straight Talk From A CEO Who Has Lived, Breathed, Experienced And Created Highly Profitable Business Opportunities In The Asian Markets Campbell addresses the 10 most widely held myths about doing business in Asia and shares his personal experiences.

Campbell is offering the rare opportunity for his fellow CEO’s to participate in a one-on-one complimentary strategy session to discuss your Asian plans. Don’t miss this chance to speak directly to Campbell about your plans to capture your Asian opportunity…

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